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Child learning to sew.

Teach Yourself to Sew Online

Hi friends!  How’s everyone’s 2016 going?  I hope just super!  If you took a look at my blog last week, you saw that I recommended saving a few of your New Year resolutions for your craftier side.  One of my … Continue reading

crafting resolutions

New Year Crafting Resolutions

Hiya friends!  It’s almost the New Year and I am so excited!  Every time that digit ticks up a mark at the stroke of midnight a whole new year with new prospects and possibilities comes marching in.  So what’s on … Continue reading


Snow Ice Cream DIY

Hi friends!  Who out there is ready for winter and snow?  I know I am!  One of my favorite things to do when we get snow is create a yummy treat, snow ice cream!  Here’s my super easy Snow Ice … Continue reading


Weighted Christmas Tree DIY

Wowwee who’s ready for Christmas?  I sure am!  I hope you’ve been enjoyed my awesome holiday pellet crafts that I’ve been posting.  Who’s created a weighted snowman or Santa Claus?  I’d love to see pictures on my Facebook page of … Continue reading

Weighted sANTA DIY

DIY Weighted Santa

Hiya friends!  How’s everyone’s ho-ho-holidays going?  Mine have been spectacular so far!  I created this fun little craft, my Weighted Santa Clause, this week and thought I’d share.  It’s fast and easy, and great fun for everyone to help decorate. … Continue reading

Weighted Snowman DIY

DIY Weighted Snowman

Hello friends!  I bet you’re super in the Christmas spirit right now, or at least I hope you are.  If you’re looking for a fun little craft to get you there, then boy do I have it—a Weighted Snowman!   It’s … Continue reading

kids cooking

Cooking is Great Sensory Play

Hello friends!  Who is excited for the holidays?  I know I am!  Did you know all this holiday preparation you’re doing is actually really good sensory play?  Especially in the kitchen! Cooking is great sensory play because it encourages smushing, … Continue reading

holiday crafting

Planning for Your Holiday Crafting

Hi friends! I don’t mean to get you into a tizzy but how’s everyone doing with their holiday crafting projects? If you’re like me you may have a bit more to do before the holidays are here. Don’t worry! A … Continue reading

Picture of broccoli to illustrate picky eaters

All About Picky Eaters

Hi there friends!  This week I want to talk to you about picky eaters.  You know something is just delicious but my friends simply don’t want to try it because it smells weird, it’s sticky, or…yellow??  It happens!  So what … Continue reading


Loving Yourself All Year Long

Woohoo! Did you know what day it is? It’s Love Your Red Hair Day! I LOVE my red hair, but sometimes I know we feel down on ourselves because we don’t like our hair or think we have funny noses. … Continue reading