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Weights of Plastic Pellets

Hello friends!  I always love reading my Pellet Mail, and I’ve noticed quite a few people asking me about the weights of plastic pellets.  I put on my thinking cap this week and measured them out just for you! Rough … Continue reading


All About Juggling

Hiya friends!  I’m excited this week because I just learned how to juggle!  Juggling is fun and it really helps hone my hand-eye coordination!  I also think it’s the perfect activity for kids, because with your juggling bags you can … Continue reading

Decorating with PlasticPellets

Decorating with Plastic Pellets

Hiya friends!  You know I’m always fascinated with the ways my readers use Quality Plastic Pellets and I’m just delighted when you share your pictures and stories with me.  Recently, I had a friend show me how plastic pellets can … Continue reading


DIY Floor Pouf

Hiya friends!  I have another crafty craft for you to try this week!  Sometimes you just need a little nook to read in or some extra seats when you have a lot of friends over—my DIY Floor Pouf is perfect … Continue reading

scented eye pillows

DIY Guide for Scented Eye Pillows

Hiya friends!  I’ve had a few people write to me saying they’ve had a spectacular time creating our weighted eye pillow, but wanted to take their creativity up a level and add in some delightful scents.  I think that’s a … Continue reading

Have An I-Spy Party!

Plan a I-Spy Party

Hiya friends!  Spring is such a fun time of year for gatherings and get-togethers, so I wanted to toss in a fun party idea – an I-Spy Party! What is an I-Spy Party?  It’s a fun way for everyone to … Continue reading

decorating with pellets

Crafting, Family Activities and Décor with Quality Plastic Pellets

April showers means crafting for hours and this month we had some exciting posts about crafting, family activities and décor with Quality Plastic Pellets!  Which of my Quality Plastic Pellet ideas did you try? Crafting with plastic pellets reached new … Continue reading

Create Your Own Table-Top Corn Hole Set!

How to Create a Tabletop Corn Hole Set

Hey there friends!  I’m back this week with an awesome craft for you to create-a tabletop corn hole set!  Get ready to start crafting because this will be just perfect for family get-togethers all year round! The first thing you’ll … Continue reading


Weighted Graduation Gifts

Hey there friends!  It’s just crazy how fast this year is blowing by, and in many places graduation ceremonies are coming up super fast.  What could be cooler than weighted graduation gifts? Here are some of my ideas for the … Continue reading

Autism-Friendly Advancements

Amazing Autism-Friendly Advancements

Does everybody know why April is so awesome?  That’s because it’s National Autism Awareness Month!  You know, I try every week to share stories about some of the successes we’re hearing about in the world of autism.  There are so … Continue reading

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