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DIY Fabric Frisbee

Hiya friends!  I’ve heard a few of you are ready for one last summer craft, so I put my thinking cap on and drew up my guide to creating your own fabric Frisbee. Fabric Frisbee Guide Fabric Frisbees are perfect … Continue reading

weighted backpack

Create Your Own Weighted Backpack

It’s almost here!!!  It’s just about time for you to put away the sprinklers and beach towels and load up the backpacks because back to school is just inches away.  If you have someone special in your life that has … Continue reading


Create Your Own Sensory Book

Hey there friends!  Today’s a rainy day so I thought I’d whip up a fun craft for indoor afternoons.  Has anyone heard of a sensory book?  They’re these fun creations that have different textured pages you can flip through.  Today … Continue reading


DIY Hopscotch Bags

Welcome to a new week friends!  How’s everybody’s summer crafting going?  I hope so well!  This week I’ve been busy busy in the Quality Plastic Pellet laboratory whipping up a new summer craft to try.  Here’s my DIY Hopscotch Pads. … Continue reading


Working Out With Weighted Exercise Bags

Hi there friends!  I hope everyone’s had a spectacular week.  I heard back from a few of you who said that you enjoyed the weighted exercise bags DIY I posted last week and that’s super!  If you’re one of those … Continue reading


Weighted Exercise Bags DIY

Hi friends!  I hope everyone enjoyed my little DIY last week for pool toys.  With so many of you writing to me and telling me how much you enjoyed them, I thought I’d throw another helpful craft into the mix … Continue reading

Plastic Pellet Pool Play Crafts

Plastic Pellet Pool Play Crafts

Hiya friends!  Summer’s now in full swing and that means so is pool season!  Beyond swimming around and floating, I always like to find toys to play with that are durable enough for the water.  That’s why I stepped into … Continue reading

DIY Guide to Weighted Sports Ball

DIY guide to Weighted Sports Balls

Hiya friends!  I’m back with week with another fun craft using Quality Plastic Pellets!  This time I’m sharing my DIY guide to weighted sports balls! Everyone loves teaching little ones how to get started playing their favorite sports, so when … Continue reading

White Pellets

Weights of Plastic Pellets

Hello friends!  I always love reading my Pellet Mail, and I’ve noticed quite a few people asking me about the weights of plastic pellets.  I put on my thinking cap this week and measured them out just for you! Rough … Continue reading


All About Juggling

Hiya friends!  I’m excited this week because I just learned how to juggle!  Juggling is fun and it really helps hone my hand-eye coordination!  I also think it’s the perfect activity for kids, because with your juggling bags you can … Continue reading