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Pumpkin craft

Fun and Affordable Fall Craft Projects – Felt Jack O’ Lantern

It is really close to one of my favorite holidays…Halloween! We can dress up in fun costumes, go trick or treating, and have lots of parties with friends. Halloween and Fall has some really great decorations too, like leaves, apples, … Continue reading

Free Hugs

How to Turn a Shirt into a Weighted Sensory Vest

We could all use a free hug! Who doesn’t like a big hug? We all do, but when you have a sensory processing disorder, it can be something that is even more important. One way to help people with this … Continue reading

Toys for your I Spy bag

Tips To Deal With Boredom: Make an I Spy Bag

Sometimes having to wait makes me fidgety. Long trips on vacation, waiting in a restaurant, or even just being bored at home can make me nervous and whiny.  I’ve discovered that I Spy bags keep me entertained while I’m doing … Continue reading

Pellets size relation

3 Reasons Plastic Pellets are the Best Material for Weighted Crafts

Now that crafting season is here you’re probably thinking about blankets, warm vests and fall craft projects. It’s getting colder outside and fall colors look incredible on crafts! With everything you are going to be working on, you need something … Continue reading

Sewing with a machine

How to Make a Weighted Lap Pad

Sometimes I wish I could take my weighted blanket everywhere with me, but it’s just too big. That’s why weighted lap pads are really nice. Lap pads are much smaller than and not as hot as a big blanket, so … Continue reading

How Sensory Bean Bags Can Help People With Autism

Play time is here! There are plenty of things out there to play with, but not all of them are great for people with high sensitivity to touch. People with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) or autism can be overstimulated by certain … Continue reading

Cornhole board and bags

Why Plastic Pellets make the best Corn Hole Bags

Summer is such a great time to get together with family and friends, eat, and play a few relaxing games out in the yard while it is warm and sunny. One very fun game that people play is Cornhole, a … Continue reading

5 Reasons To Make a Weighted Dog Vest

There have been quite a few stories in the news lately about how pets can help children with autism, which is one of the reasons I love pets so much!  Pets love you right back, but you have to take … Continue reading

Weighted Vest

5 Uses for a Weighted Vest

When you get your bag of plastic pellets in the mail, the first thing you’ll notice is their weight. They may be small, but when you use enough of them in a craft or sewing project they can really add … Continue reading

Travel Neck Pillow

How to make a travel neck pillow with Quality Plastic Pellets

Hello again, everyone! My name is Paula, and I love to travel! I know it often requires a long trip on a plane or in a car. Sometimes I develop neck pain when I travel and you will too if … Continue reading