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dumb bells

Get Physical! – How weighted vests help your health

Weighted materials like weighted blankets, weighted lap pads, and weighted vests have multiple health benefits. Some of them are therapeutic, helping people deal with the world around them by producing a calming effect. But did you know that the same weighted items … Continue reading

a morning jog in the park

Therapeutic Benefits of Weighted Items

In my last blog we took a look at the amount of work and detail that goes into making a reborn doll. I learned that reborn dolls are prized by crafters, who try to make them as realistic as possible. I … Continue reading

Finished reborn doll

An Introduction to Reborn Dolls

I admire people that put time and effort into making crafts! Take Reborn Dolls for example. I am obviously a fan of dolls and other stuffed creations. I feel a kinship to them, like they are my younger and bigger … Continue reading

A clean and neat craft room.

Go Clean Your (Craft) Room!

We are just getting started in this grand New Year, so you are probably still working toward all your resolutions. If you resolved to get fit, quit a bad habit, or spend smarter, you’re in the majority, as these rank … Continue reading

Gingerbread House

Preparing Your Autistic Child for the Holiday Season

Holiday season is here! December is filled with decorations, holiday music and traveling all over to visit friends and family to deliver warm wishes and glad tidings. Most people are very excited about this time of year. For people who … Continue reading

Boxes of various Christmas ornaments

DIY: I Spy – Your own Personal Christmas Ornaments!

Are you ready for the holidays? This is a great time of the year, with all of the fun music, family and friends all around you, and it’s a wonderful time to make holiday crafts together. One of the outstanding … Continue reading

Rainbow draft stopper

DIY: How to Make a Draft Dodger

Baby, it’s cold outside! At least where I live, it is. When the temperature goes down, the heat in the house has to go up so we can stay warm and, if you live in an older house like me, … Continue reading

Boy with his dog

Pets Teaching Children With Autism

Who doesn’t love a big, cuddly dog? Dogs are great companions; they are faithful, loving, and well behaved when given the right training. We think of them as great pets, but for families with autistic children a dog can be … Continue reading

Halloween candles

Celebrating a Safe Halloween with an Autistic Child

Halloween Safety Tips Make sure costumes are visible at night, put reflective tape on the front and back Take a picture of your child in their costume before you go trick-or-treating, if they get lost you can help neighbors and … Continue reading

Stuffed fabric pumpkin

Make your own Decorative Fabric Pumpkin!

Decorative Fabric Pumpkins Resources I found a lot of resources for making a decorative pumpkin and I wanted to share them with you. You can use different fabrics, different stitching, and many different techniques so I felt it was better … Continue reading