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Trick or Treat Tips for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Hi friends!  We’re well into fall now and one of my absolute favorite holidays is quickly approaching—Halloween!  I just love dressing up, seeing all my neighbors and friends, and getting treats!!  The only downside is Trick or Treat on Halloween … Continue reading

fabric covered boxes

Decorative Boxes for Organizing

Hiya friends!  It’s National Get Organized Week!  One of my favorite ways to get organized is by putting my favorite things in decorative boxes so I can stack them up and make my shelves clean and cheerful.  You don’t need … Continue reading


Fixing Damaged Weighted Items

Hiya friends!  This week I want to chat about what to do if you damage your weighted items and the plastic pellets inside them.  Oh no—right??  Even as careful as we can be, sometimes things go wrong.  In fact, people … Continue reading


DIY Sensory Boxes

Hi everybody!  I wanted to chat about sensory play today—specifically about sensory boxes.  Do you know what sensory play is?  Sensory play is fun that activates our five senses:  taste, smell, sight, sound, and touch.  A sensory box creates a … Continue reading

mom and son cooking in the kitchen

Cooking Time is Fun Time with Visual Recipes

Hello, friends!  I hope your week is going well.  I wanted to share an activity I love with you today—cooking.  Cooking your own food is fun and usually healthier than eating out, plus it can be a great family time … Continue reading


Hacky Sack Games

Hiya friends!  I hope everyone’s week is going super.  One of my favorite items to create with my plastic pellets is a hacky sack.  Once you’ve made this fun little toy, what kind of games can you play?  I’ve listed … Continue reading

Taking Your Best School Photo

Hiya!  Everyone is back to school now and it’s great to see all the fun my friends are having in class.  One thing that everyone keeps chatting about is back to school pictures!   They’re coming up pretty quickly and getting … Continue reading

Inexpensive Family Fun Time Ideas

We just get so busy-busy with our daily lives that many times we forget to schedule the most important thing each week – family time!  I’ve got some great ideas on things you can do as a family that won’t … Continue reading

Making Your Own Friendship Bracelets

Hi, friends!  The third week of August every year is National Friendship Week, so I thought this would be a great reason to work on some friendship bracelets for some of my favorite people and give you the instructions to … Continue reading

Back to School Morning Routines With Autistic Children

I just love back to school time!  I can’t wait to see my friends and what I get to learn this year.  I really look forward to it all summer.  However, waking up early again and getting off to school … Continue reading