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Sewing Machines In Use

Sew Many Choices

Based on the number of projects you all have been posting on our Facebook page lately, our readers have been really busy making blankets, vests, reborn babies, and other pretty incredible projects! You all make it look so easy to … Continue reading

Samples of fabric

What is the Right Fabric for Your Weighted Project?

When you walk into a fabric store, it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many different types of fabrics on the walls, from man made rayon on polyester to natural cottons and wool. And once you get past … Continue reading

Home made cornhole boards

DIY Cornhole Boards for the Summer!

I know you are going to be getting together with friends this summer, grilling out and enjoying the sun. What are you planning on doing other than eating? You are going to play cornhole of course! Cornhole is so popular, … Continue reading

weighted teddy bear

Weighted Teddy Bears, More Than Just A Fluffy Friend!

I recently discovered a new playmate with a very important job. My new friend is a weighted teddy bear. It would seem that he is just another extension of the weighted crafts and therapy products that I talk about all … Continue reading

Hacky Sack balls

Here Comes Summer… Time for Some Hacky Sack!

Summer is coming! My hair is back to its normal red color after Autism Awareness and Acceptance month and I am ready to get outside and have some fun. I love to run around, play with friends, and feel the … Continue reading

Weighted blanket before poly pellets are added

3 Weighted Crafts for Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month

Throughout the month of April I’m dedicating my blog to help raise awareness and acceptance of people who have autism. That’s why my hair is blue – for the light it up blue campaign! It’s a good look for me, … Continue reading


Bean Bag Toys, Right From your Child’s Drawings and Imagination!

Bean bags have so many uses! They can be used in anything from fun yard games like corn hole to therapy for someone who is hypersensitive or autistic. I know bean bags are usually square, but that can be boring! … Continue reading

Weighted Vest

DIY Tutorials – How to Make a Weighted Vest

Over the last few weeks, we have been discussing all of the benefits of having a weighted vest. They are great for calming down people with hypersensitivity disorders, physical therapy and for adding a little more intensity to many different … Continue reading

Boxes of various Christmas ornaments

DIY: I Spy – Your own Personal Christmas Ornaments!

Are you ready for the holidays? This is a great time of the year, with all of the fun music, family and friends all around you, and it’s a wonderful time to make holiday crafts together. One of the outstanding … Continue reading

Rainbow draft stopper

DIY: How to Make a Draft Dodger

Baby, it’s cold outside! At least where I live, it is. When the temperature goes down, the heat in the house has to go up so we can stay warm and, if you live in an older house like me, … Continue reading