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paula-standingHi, I’m Paula!

I’m an expert on all things plastic pellets, and I’m here to help you navigate through the sometimes confusing world of plastic pellets and stuffing materials. Whether your question is about our pellet materials or ordering from Quality Plastic Pellets, I’m here to help!

Check out some of my frequently asked questions below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of questions about our pellets. Here’s a few common questions that may help you:

Which Quality Plastic Pellets should I choose for my project?

paula-pellet_50x50Paula says: That’s an excellent question!  My white clear pellets are perfect for most sewing projects.  For uses for my other types of pellets or more specific recommendations, take a look at my plastic pellet choice blog.

Can I put my finished product stuffed with Quality Plastic Pellets in the dryer?

paula-pellet_50x50Paula says: We suggest laying your item flat to dry or line drying to reduce wear and stress on your item. If you would like to use a clothes dryer, only use the lowest heat setting.

Can I microwave a finished product stuffed with Quality Plastic Pellets?

paula-pellet_50x50Paula says: No. Although Quality Plastic Pellets can withstand some heat, they are not rated for use in a microwave.

Is your site secure to enter my credit card information?

paula-pellet_50x50Paula says:
Yes. I trust PayPal to handle all monetary transactions on this site. PayPal has set the standard for secure online payments, and is trusted by over 113 million active users. When you place an order here, the checkout process will direct you to PayPal where you’ll enter your credit card information, and then your order is placed. I never even see your credit card information – PayPal takes care of it all. And the best part – anyone can process their payment through PayPal, even if you don’t have an account! Want more info? Here’s more information from PayPal about the steps PayPal takes to ensure your payment is secure.

How will my pellets be shipped?

paula-pellet_50x50Paula says:
 Our orders are shipped by of UPS Ground or USPS depending on size and shipping location. I ship orders within 1 business day of receiving payment from PayPal. View our hours of operation here.

What is your return policy?

paula-pellet_50x50Paula says:
I have done my best to provide close up photographs and describe our plastic pellets.

If you are not satisfied with your pellets for any reason, I will be happy to issue you a refund for the merchandise cost once the pellets have been returned to the warehouse. Return shipping is at your expense. Under no circumstances will shipping costs be refunded.

If you would like a refund, please fill out the contact form within 14 days of receipt of merchandise to let us know to expect your shipment.

Questions? Please feel free to email me at

Do you ship pellets to international destinations?

paula-pellet_50x50Paula says:
 We only ship pellets to Canada and there are additional costs applied.

Estimated shipping charges are:
17lb- $50

If you want to have pellets shipped to Canada you must contact us for a shipping quote.

Are your pellets non-toxic?


Paula says: In their current state the pellets are non-toxic. If you melt, heat or change their structure the pellets become toxic. Also, like any plastic, pellets cannot be digested.