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Trick or Treat Tips for Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hi friends!  We’re well into fall now and one of my absolute favorite holidays is quickly approaching—Halloween!  I just love dressing up, seeing all my neighbors and friends, and getting treats!!  The only downside is Trick or Treat on Halloween can be downright scary, especially for my friends on the Autism Spectrum.  How do you make it enjoyable for everyone?  Here are my Trick or Treat tips for kids on the Autism Spectrum.

Visually Preparing for Halloween

Using a visual guide like mine can take your child step by step through what they should expect and what is expected of them at Trick or Treat.  Take them through dressing up in the costume, where they’ll be going, asking for treats, manners, and when you will be returning home.


Considerate Costuming for Halloween

The biggest thing about finding a costume for Halloween is making sure the costume wearer likes it!  You can offer up suggestions, but make sure the decision is left up to the child wearing it.  Have he or she try on all the parts of the costume well in advance of Trick or Treat night.  Make sure you don’t forget to try out any make up, face paint, or wigs that go with the costume.  You should give yourself plenty of time to make adjustments and see if anything is itchy or uncomfortable.  You can even incorporate the costume into a weighted vest, for more comfort and assurance.

Getting Used to Trick or Treat

If this is your child’s first experience with Trick or Treat make sure you take it slow!  It’s ok if you only get to a few houses before he or she is done with the night.  Having fun is the most important part, even if you don’t get to many houses at all.  You may even consider going to a small event such as a Trunk or Treat where they don’t have to travel far.  If you aren’t sure how they will react try practicing with friends or neighbors before the big night!

Avoiding Sensory Overload for Trick or Treat

Stick to neighborhoods you know well, or only head out to friends or family’s houses.  This will help alleviate any surprises or super scary decorations you weren’t expecting!  In addition, you can ask when their “lulls” usually are in the waves of Trick or Treaters so when you arrive no one is feeling overwhelmed!

Don’t forget to bring a pair of noise-cancelling headphones in case they’re needed; Trick or Treat can get very noisy!

I hope this helps your family have a fun Trick or Treat this year!  If you have any other proven tips and tricks for helping Trick or Treat be the best, be sure to tell me on Facebook.


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