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Sensory-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  Trick-or-Treat time is just around the corner! If you haven’t found the perfect costume yet for your little ghouls then I have a treat for you!  Read on for the tricks to find the best sensory-friendly Halloween costumes!

Step one is easy peasy—make sure your little monster has most of the say in the costume

sensory friendly halloween costumes

Creating sensory-friendly costumes can be so simple!

selection!  Some of the very best costumes are when kids select to be their favorite (and unexpected) things!  Browsing around the web I’ve seen some amazing household items, unusual animals, and odd job costumes that always take the cake!  If your child wants to be a big bag of popcorn, a can of soda, a lamp, or the garbage man encourage them 100% of the way!

Next, try creating the costume out of his or her clothing or items you know they love to wear like super soft pajamas or matching sweat pants and shirts.  Not only is the latter super for colder weather, but it makes for a comfy costume!  Adding a few items onto normal clothes can go a long way.

Here are some sensory-friendly Halloween costumes:

If you want to go the store-bought route, make sure your little angel gets to try on his or her wings prior to Trick-or-Treat night to mitigate any issues and fix any uncomfortable spots.  Start a week or so ahead and encourage them to wear the costume or accessories around the house.  Make sure you emphasize quiet play so nothing gets damaged beforehand!

I hope this helps solve the costume confusion in your household this year!  If you have a stellar sample of a homemade or offbeat costume, be sure to share it on my Facebook page.


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