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Most Common Plastic Pellet Questions

Posted by Paula Pellet

How’s everybody’s week going?  By the flow of mail coming into my plastic pellets inbox, it sure does look like you are crafting away!  Speaking of my mail, lately I noticed several crafters coming up with the same questions.  To help everyone find the answers they need quicker, I listed out the most common plastic pellet questions and their answers. Here it goes!

How much should my weighted blanket weigh?

The perfect formula for your weighted blanket project is the recipient’s weight divided by 10 and then one additional pound.  This means a person weighing 130 pounds should receive a 14 pound blanket.


I’ve got the answers to my most commonly asked plastic pellet questions!

What are the best plastic pellets for a weighted blanket?

My best choice in plastic pellets for a weighted blanket or general crafting is my white smooth or clear smooth plastic pellets!  These won’t snag as you pour them into the pattern, and the lighter color won’t show through light fabrics.

Why is there a 2 inch seam in the weighted blanket pattern?  Can I do different sized channels?

I created my weighted blanket pattern for all levels of sewing skills.  The 2 inch seam assumes that you may need some extra wiggle room; more experienced sew-ers can modify as they wish.  If want to modify the pattern to make smaller “boxes” in your blanket grid then go for it!  Make sure if you take that approach you measure out your plastic pellets accordingly to get equal weight distribution in your blanket.

How much do each of the plastic pellets weigh?

One cup of my plastic pellet weighs:

As you can see my black plastic pellets are sure the heftiest!

Are your plastic pellets washable?

They sure are!  Wash your weighted blanket on delicate and lay flat to dry if possible.  Find full care instructions here.

Do the black plastic pellets bleed color?

The black plastic pellets do not bleed color, however, if you use a lighter-colored fabric to create your weighted project then they may show through.  That’s why I recommend these for sturdy projects like corn hole bags or exercise weights and my white smooth plastic pellets for the more snuggly creations like blankets.

I hope this helps you craft away!  If you have a question for me, just head over to my Contact Page!  I am more than happy to help!

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