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Weighted Owl DIY

Posted by Paula Pellet

Owl are my friends doing this week? It’s a wet and windy day out so I thought I’d start on a new plastic pellet craft! With the new school year approaching, I wanted to stitch up something super smart that was flat and easy to sit on a lap during class, too. That’s why I’ve crafted up thigh weighted owl DIY this week!



To craft up your new weighted owl friend, you will need:


Print out both pages of your pattern on 8.5” x 11” sheets of paper.

Getting Started on your Weighted Owl

After printing and cutting out my super simple weighted owl pattern, you’ll need to cut your fabric! You’ll need two body pieces in your cotton fabric. In the felt, you’ll need two wings, a face (large heart), a nose, and several small hearts for body feathers. You can also create a nose out of cotton fabric (as shown) by cutting two pieces from the pattern and stitching together, inside out. You’ll also need two eyes, but you have a couple of options. If you want to have eyes like the ones I used you’ll want to cut out the pattern and cut out one set of circles, cut the black portion off and cut two additional circles, and then cut the white portion off and cut the remaining inner circles.

Stitching Up Your Weighted Owl


Let’s start stitching! First, you’ll want to pin your body pieces inside out and stitch around the exterior, leaving a 2 inch gap for filling along the bottom. Pour your plastic pellets into the body, and use the ladder stitch to close the gap.


Next, place your face pieces on as you want them stitched. Hand stitch the face, wings, and body feathers on. You can either place the body feathers sporadically around or layer them for a full feather effect!WEIGHTED OWL

Did you see how sew simple it was to sew a weighted owl? What should I craft up next? Be sure to send your project ideas to my Plastic Pellet mail. And if you need to purchase plastic pellets for your next project, just click the link below.


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