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How to Make a Meditation Pillow

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends! I’m constantly getting inspired by my pellet mail and this week I had a message from a friend far far away who was wishing to create a meditation pillow. She needed some plastic pellet guidance for her craft and some tips and tricks on what to do. If this sounds fun to you, read ahead for how to make your own meditation pillow!MEDITATION PILLOW

What is a Meditation Pillow?

A meditation pillow, also known as a zafu, is a cushion that allows you to sit, back straight, in a relaxed manner and supports your sit bones while you calm your mind. They should be sturdy enough to support your posture, and not so billowy that it pushes against you. They’re typically round, but can also be rectangle or square-shaped.

Creating Your Own Meditation Pillow

Can’t wait to craft one up? Let’s get started! You’ll need:

Cut Your Pieces

Our first step is cutting the pieces of fabric. We’ll need two circles with a 12 inch diameter. The easiest way I cut perfect circles is tape a 6 inch string the center of a piece of fabric and tape a pen to the end and trace the circle around that it makes. Neat stuff, right?

meditation pillow

Next, we’ll need a long strip of 36 inches by 8 inches and a short strip of 10 x 8 inches. Take the small strip and fold it in half, inside out. Fold the small strip in half along the 8 inch side. This is your handle. Stitch this up the side, then flip it right side out. Next, stitch two lines, about an inch from each side along the length of the handle for reinforcement.

meditation pillow

Stitch it up!

Now pin together the long strip and each of the round pieces, leaving the inside out. You’ll want to tuck the handle in the pinning on each side. Stitch each side on.

meditation pillow

Flip your cushion right side out through the unstitched side. Now it’s time to pour the plastic pellets in. A meditation pillow of this size should use about 5 pounds worth of plastic pellets.

meditation pillow

You’ll also want to supplement with a bit of polyester fiber fill to make your cushion a bit more cushion-y. Stuff your pillow until it has the amount of poof you like, and then use the ladder stitch to close the open slit.

meditation pillow

You’re done! Congratulations, you’re now ready to calmly reflect on what a creative person you are!

meditation pillow

Be sure to post any finished object pictures on my Facebook page. Can’t wait to craft again? You can get more plastic pellets by clicking the link below.

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