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Super Sweet Spring Sewing Patterns to Try

Posted on by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends and happy (late) spring! In case your fingers are itching for a fun pattern to try this summer, I gathered up some super sweet spring sewing patterns to try from across the internet! Check them out below and be sure to post up finished objects on my Facebook page! I love to see what you create!

Sweet Spring Bunny Sewing Patterns

Upcycle some old socks and create a sweet sock friend! This sock bunny pattern is super cute and free to boot! What do I like best beyond the thought of re-using some discarded socks? I love the idea of creating a mix-and-match, stitched up friend!


What’s your favorite spring sewing pattern?

In case you want to keep your socks safely on  your feet, I’ve got another pattern that cannot be beat! Try this t-shirt bunny sewing pattern. It creates a super cute short bunny friend, that can be whipped up fast over the weekend!

Bugs, Bees, and Butterflies

There’s buzzing in the trees, so these spring sewing patterns will definitely aim to please! Want to create a cute caterpillar? This sewing pattern for a Caterpillar toy fits the bill perfectly! Want another option? This free sewing pattern site has a cute caterpillar plus three more sweet spring sewing softie patterns. Or you can try this sweet butterfly pattern! I like this one because felt is easy peasy to work with and decorate!

Oh how cute as an be is this bumblebee? Keep your sewing machine humming and play time a buzzing with this stuffed bumblebee pattern for free.

Spring Sewing Patterns are Better with the Weather

Cute cloud pillows are popping up everywhere this season! Here’s a rundown of some fun patterns to try:

Want to craft up a cute flower pillow? I’ve found this free flower pillow pattern that is as cute as can be!

How cute can these patterns be? Do you have a favorite and free spring time sewing pattern to share with me? Post it on my Facebook page for all to see. And if you need my Quality Plastic Pellets to fill any of these softies, just click the link below! Happy crafting, friends!

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