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What is minky fabric?

Posted on by Paula Pellet

Oh what a fabric–soft and warm! minky is the fabric taking the world by storm! Hiya friends! I’ve gotten a few emails asking about the amazing minky fabric and if it’s appropriate to use for weighted blankets. Let’s explore what is minky fabric and why it’s a perfect choice for your next project.

Why do people love minky fabric?

minky fabric is in the fleece family and comes from 100% man-made fibers, usually polyester. It is sometimes commonly called fleece, but minky has a lighter weight than most traditional fleece fabrics. Side by side with traditional fleece, minky will also feel “baby soft.”

minky fabric

Minky fabric is a super soft, versatile fabric for crafting!

This super soft texture is why everyone wants a piece (or several yards) of it! It comes in a variety of colors and even has a fun “bump” variety with texture. It’s relatively inexpensive to purchase and widely available in most craft stores, as well.

Tips for Working with minky fabric

To answer the question you came here for, yes, minky is a great fabric for weighted blanket creation! I do recommend using it as a backing for your blanket, so it is paired up with a stiffer fabric such as flannel or cotton to give it structure. Beginner sewers may find the stretchiness a bit of challenge to stitch up. You can also use a light fusible backing (use caution when ironing it on) to stiffen it up, if needed.

Another minky challenge is it can be a bit messy! The plushy fibers tend to get everywhere so pad some clean up time into your crafting allotment. You’ll want to give your sewing machine a good wipe down afterwards and make sure all gears are clear of lint. One of my friends suggested keeping a spray bottle with water handy so you can dampen down pieces and keep the fluff at bay while working.

I hope this helps you in your quest for the perfect fabric procurement for your next weighted blanket project! Have you made a minky weighted blanket? I’d love to see it on my Facebook page! Have you decided a minky-backed blanket is your next must-craft? Click here to purchase your supply of Quality Plastic Pellets:

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