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Best Rainy Day Activities for All Ages

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya, friends! I do love this time of year because spring is just so close to being sprung, but this week’s weather has been a little dreary. How can I pass the time? Here are my best rainy day activities for all ages!

Rainy Day Fun for Little Ones

Of course I’m going to kick off any tally of recommendations with crafting—it’s kind of my BEST RAINY DAY ACTIVITIESfavorite thing! I-Spy bottles are quick fun for everyone and what better way to use up buttons, plastic jewels, small toys, and more—no need to head to the store! Need something super sensory? Why not slime? Here are 5 recipes sure to make a rainy day full of play! If your crew has already made slime a time or two, DIY foam is perfect to make at home but give it more structure to stand when you make this foam sand!

What else can we do when a rainy day keeps us in? Here are instructions for an Sensory Bin! If you’re looking for more sensory bin ideas, then I have a link for you. It even suggests water beads if you want to feel a little “blue.”

Where Can You Take a Toddler On a Rainy Day?

If heading out is what you’re about, why not make it an educational day and go to the local library or museum? Many local malls have play areas perfect for indoor fun, as well. Have an animal lover on your hands? If an aquarium is out of reach, heading over to a pet store to watch fish swimming is always winning!

What Can You Do When You’re Bored on a Rainy Day?

I have a short list of DIY’s to do in a day, because to me all crafting is play! Here are my favorites:

rainy day activities for kids

I’ll admit, this next one isn’t a craft and you may not consider it a whole lot of fun but I surely promise you’ll be happier when it’s done! Tidy up your craft room with my tips on a rainy day, and then you’ll have much more free space to craft and play! If you’re seeking more fun tips to keep your creative space clean, this great article has some organization tips to make your space gleam!

What’s your favorite rainy day activity? I’d love to see! Just post it on my Facebook page so everyone can enjoy it with me!


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