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Weighted Snowman Lap Pad DIY

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends and happy winter!! It’s actually still late fall but it will be winter official before you know it and that’s why I’m getting in the chilly weather spirit with my weighted snowman lap pad DIY! Lap pads are perfect for providing comfort during long car rides which is pretty common during the holidays! Read ahead for all the details on the DIY you need to create your own frozen friend.

weighted snowman lap pad

Lap pads are perfect for providing comfort during long car rides.


You will need:


Flannel and felt, this snowman won’t melt!

Assemble Your Snowman

First and foremost, cut out all of your pieces! Here’s the rundown of my colors, but you can do it however you’d like:

snowman lap pad

Select any colors you wish to make this lap pad your own!

After cutting out all your pieces, use the fabric glue to paste in place your snowman’s face!


Fabric glue on felt makes creating your snowman’s face simple.

Next, let’s whip out our sewing machine and stitch up some mittens! Take your Mittens 3 and 4 pieces and place the coordinating sides back to back. Pin one cuff piece, Mittens 1 & 2, to the front of your mitten at the bottom. Stitch up your mitten around the sides, leaving the bottom open. Next, hand stitch a 6 inch section of ribbon to the inside of each mitten. You’ll use this to attach your mittens to the body later on.


Why removeable mittens? They add some fidget fun!

Next, let’s stitch up the hat! Fold one piece of the felt wide-wise and inside out. Stitch up the sides. Now stitch up your brim piece inside out, leaving a small section open to flip right side out. Attach the brim piece to the bottom of the larger piece by stitching it to the inside of the larger piece.


Attach the brim piece to the bottom of the larger piece by stitching it to the inside of the larger piece.

Fold down your brim piece and you’re hat is ready for embellishments! I used a scrap piece of red felt for a fun hat band and green for holly leaves.


Roll the brim down and decorate!

Now let’s attach the scarf. Pin the two ends of the scarf in the middle of the snowman, at the point where the head meets the body. Stitch these into place.


Stitch the two sides to the middle of the back at the bottom of the “neck” area.

And now we’re ready to start on the body! Before we begin, you’ll want to pin the arms in place. Attach these to the “shoulder” area. Pin both sides of the body inside out (make sure the arms and scarf are on the “inside” here), and stitch closed, leaving the top of the head open.


Tuck those arms inside so they stitch in place with the seams!

Filling and Finished

Now’s the fun part! Once your snowman is flipped to right side out, you’ll pour 1/3rd of your plastic pellets inside.


Pour your pellets in by 3rds!

Now stitch a slightly curved line across your snowman’s lower belly to keep these pellets in place. Do the same to the next section of snowman, and then end with filling the head.


Stitch a line across each section of the body to keep your pellets in place.

Next, use the ladder stitch to close the top of the head and then attach the hat to the top of the head.

It’s all in the DIY Details

Now for some finishing touches. You can fold a bit of the “hand” over onto the ribbon to stitch your mittens on.  Stitch on your three buttons to the center of the body.


Stitch the ribbon to the hand to keep it in place.

How did you like this frozen friend DIY? I hope the fun felt distracts fidgeting fingers while sitting. Be sure to post your finished project on my Facebook page.


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