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Weighted I-Spy Lap Pad DIY

Posted on by Paula Pellet
weighted lap pad

My weighted i-spy lap pad is perfect for road trips!

Hiya friends and happy fall! Beyond the basics of pumpkins and carnivals, fall to me always means the start of road trips to family gatherings. If your family is planning a holiday road trip, then I have just the necessity for kids in the car—a weighted i-spy lap pad!

A weighted i-spy lap pad serves as a comforting hug when you need it, but the i-spy part encourages sensory interaction during long drives.

Materials Needed

For this delightful DIY, you will need:

weighted lap pad

Gather up your crafting supplies it’s time for a DIY!

Getting Started on your Weighted I-Spy Lap Pad

Most fat quarters come pre-folded into 4 x 5 squares. If yours isn’t, I encourage you to fold it up! The creases will make stitching up this project oh so much easier. Take your fat quarter and lay it upside down on a flat surface. You can lay an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper in the middle to serve as a guide if you’d like!

weighted lap pad

Lay out your fabric upside down and place a sheet of paper in the middle as a placeholder.

weighted lap pad

You’ll want to fold the sides in, pin them, and then stitch them in place. Do this to 3 of the 4 sides, taking care on the corners to not stitch them closed.

Creating your Weighted I-Spy Lap Pad

Take your mesh (I recommend folding the mesh over twice, to add to the sturdiness) or stitch-able vinyl and cut a 9 1/2 x 12 sheet. Pin and stitch the patterned side of the fabric to the mesh on three sides, leaving one side open.

Pin the vinyl or mesh to each side of the fabric. You’ll want the seam to meet on the unprinted side of the fabric.

weighted lap pad

Stitch your mesh or vinyl in place.

weighted lap pad

Stitch 3 out of the 4 sides to the mesh fabric.

Next, pin the sides up to the back allowing for a ~2 inch border around the mesh window. Stitch this in place and you’ll find you have a tube around 3 sides and a center pouch with one side mesh.

weighted lap pad

Flip your lap pad right side out.

weighted lap pad

Stitch along the “window” you created with the mesh or vinyl, creating a “tube” of fabric around the center pocket.

Pour ¼ of your plastic pellets into the border “tube” and smush the pellets around so they fall towards the bottom; this will make it easier to stitch the top closed. Pour the remainder of your pellets in the center pouch and add your trinkets and other search-ables. Fold the open top border over twice and stitch two lines to close.

weighted lap pad

Pour 1/4 your pellets into the sides, smushing them around to get them even. Next, pour the remaining and trinkets into the center pouch.

weighted lap pad

Fold the top down twice and pin in place.

weighted lap pad

Stitch the top closed with two rows of stitches. Now you’re ready for i-spy fun!

Wow…that’s an easy peasy way to make a super fun lap pad! I’d love to see your finished creations on my Facebook page!

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