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DIY Weighted Walrus Sewing Pattern

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends! I’m back with another wonderful DIY for your week! What could be better this month than stitching up a walrus! Why a walrus you ask? Well, I asked my plastic pellet friends what everybody wanted to see and I got this super suggestion! Read ahead for my DIY Weighted Walrus Sewing Pattern!

walrus pattern 1-min

Why a walrus? Why not!

Print Out the Weighted Walrus Sewing Pattern

Step one, print out my free walrus sewing pattern!

1st Page – Walrus Pattern

2nd Page – Walrus Pattern

3rd Page – Walrus Pattern

4th Page – Walrus Pattern

Getting Started

You’ll need needle, thread, scissors, and your sewing machine, of course, but also some polyfil and about three cups of my Quality Plastic Pellets. What’s super sweet about this amazing walrus friend? Well, with the weight of the plastic pellets he’ll stand on his own!

walrus sewing pattern

With the weight of the plastic pellets, your walrus friend will stand on his own!

You will also need just a bit of fabric, about a half yard in total, and some scraps of felt. To get some dimension you’ll need three colors: white or lighter felt for the tusks, a darker felt for the eyes, and a medium color (or pattern!) for the body.

walrus sewing pattern

This is a fun pattern to use a fun pattern on! You only need about a half yard of fabric.

Stitch Up Your Wonderful Walrus

First, let’s pin on the tusks. You’ll want these positioned about an inch above the neckline. Stitch these in place. Next, let’s move on to the mouth!

walrus sewing pattern

Place the tusks about an inch above the shoulders.

Next, tuck the edges under so you have a nice, smooth seam, and then stitch in place over the tusks, leaving a one inch gap at the bottom. The cute key here will be to stuff just a bit of polyfil in the gap, giving your walrus a smushy snout. Use the ladder stitch to close the gap.

Next, let’s go ahead and stitch on the eyeballs! They should go right above the snout. Now, let’s stitch on the white portion of the eyes and then stitch on the black. It is indeed easier to just use a few hand stitches to secure the black parts in place!

walrus sewing pattern

Stitch the eyeballs just above the snout!

Now let’s stitch the body together. Stitch the bottom piece on to the front piece inside out. Next, pin the back side of the body all around the front, including the other side of the bottom. Flip your walrus friend right side out.

walrus sewing pattern

Stitch the bottom piece in place!

Now let’s add some definition to the fins!  Make sure your sides are fully pulled out and add a curved stitch defining the fin from the body, stretching up to just above the bottom of the tusks to a couple of inches from the shoulder. Now do this on each side.

walrus sewing pattern

Stitch along the sides to give the fins some definition!

Finally, it’s time to stuff it! Make sure you use polyfil in the head and upper body and then fill the rest with your Quality Plastic Pellets. Once you have your walrus sufficiently full, you can use the ladder stitch to close it up. And there it is! Your weighted walrus friend is done!

I hope you enjoyed my walrus sewing pattern. What should I make next? Let me know on my Facebook page!


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