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Weighted Stuffed Narwhal DIY

Posted on by Paula Pellet
narwhal stuffed animal

Create your very own weighted stuffed narwhal!

Hiya friends! I hope your week is going swimmingly! Speaking of all things nautical, I wanted to share out my newest creation this week—my Weighted Stuffed Narwhal DIY!

Narwhals, often cited as the “Unicorn of the Sea,” are fun-loving creatures just like me! I made sure that this pattern is easy peasy; you can print it, pin it, sew it, and go! Let’s get started.



First, print and trim your pattern pages. If you’re a beginning sewer, I recommend leaving about a ¼ inch margin around the lines so you can do a full ¼ inch seam. More experienced sewers can make this with a 1/8 inch margin. Next, you’ll need to get:

Assembling Your Narwhal

Now that you’ve gathered your materials, you’ll want to start cutting your fabric pieces. The sides, back, and one of each fins should be in your main color. Your other set of fins, the belly, and the horn should be in your contrasting color.

fabric pieces

You’ll need a main color and a contrasting color.

Start by assembling the horn. I like to give it a little bit of substance by stitching 3 diagonal lines across it before I stitch it together. Stitch it inside out, leaving the bottom open. Turn it right side out. Go ahead and stuff it with a little bit of polyfil, then set it aside.


Stitch some diagonal stitches into the fabric of the horn to give it a little bit of structure.

Next, let’s do the fins! Pin the contrasting fabrics inside out and stitch together, then flip them right side out.  Stuff them with a little bit of polyfil, and set them aside.

Now pin the top to the sides (all inside out). Go ahead and stitch these together. Next, pin the belly on the sides and top. Place your stuffed fins inside the stitched whale, leaving the main color up towards the top of the whale. Make sure the ends of the fins overlap with the hems so they’ll be stitched in with the sides. Stitch the sides, leaving the space underneath the chin open for filling. Flip the narwhal right side out.


Flip your narwhal rightside out after stitching!

Finish the Narwhal

Now, stuff your narwhal with your quality plastic pellets! Make sure you fill the body with enough pellets to completely fill the body while still allowing for a little wiggle room. Use the ladder stitch to stitch up the opening.

stuffed narwhal

Use the ladder stitch to close your narwhal up after filling!

Now let’s place the horn! Fold the ends of the horn inside and use the ladder stitch to place it on the forehead of the narwhal. You’ll next want to stitch on the button eyes next. Place them about an inch down from the top and about an inch in from the side. And then you’re done!

stuffed narwhal

You now have a new friend!

I hope you enjoy your new narwhal friend! Do you have a suggestion for what creature I should tackle next? Be sure to tell me on my Facebook page.

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