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Donating Weighted Blankets for National Military Appreciation Month

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends! May is National Military Appreciation Month and I thought it would be a spectacular time to talk about how to donate weighted blankets to active duty military and veterans. As many of my friends know and appreciate, weighted blankets are suggested for use to help people with insomnia and anxiety disorders, which sometimes happen due to the stress of military life.

National Military Appreciation Month

Create and donate a weighted blanket for Military Appreciation Month!

Share the Weight, Donate!

Start sharing the weight and donate! For the first step, let’s find a local contact for a base, installation, or reserve unit and ask if they accept donations of this kind. Start with these sites:

To assist with your local United States Air Force Base, locate the base closest to you and find their Family Readiness Center.

If you’d rather go through a charity, I’ve got some recommendations for those, too:

Veterans Affairs hospitals are a great starting point to find locations for donations! You can find one close to you using their online directory. Ask for the local Voluntary Service Office.

Tips for Creating Weighted Blankets for Donation

When creating weighted blankets set for donation, make sure you use a standard fabric that is easy to care for such as cotton or flannel. Blankets weighing between 15 and 20 pounds should work for many recipients. Make sure you label the blanket with the weight recommended for the recipient. Oh! If you need the detailed instructions on how to make one, just follow my guide on how to make a weighted blanket.

Do you make weighted blankets for donation to military families or groups? I’d love to hear about it on my Facebook page!

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