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DIY Weighted Fidget Pie

Posted on by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends! I’ve been busy inventing new creative crafts in my plastic pellets laboratory and wanted to share my most recent creation, a fidget pie!

What’s a weighted fidget pie? It’s a treat that’s super sweet that you can fidget with while sitting in a seat! But beyond the tongue twisters, it’s a weighted lap pad shaped like a pie that has ribbons and cloth to weave for the lattice on top. Let’s get started!

Fidget Pie DIY

You will need:

First, cut 2 – 12 inch diameter circles from the crust fabric. You can create an easy peasy template for marking off your circles by taking a 6 inch piece of yarn, tying it to a fabric-


Create a paper template to make cutting your needed circles easy.

safe pen, pin it in the center of a large piece of paper, and then mark as you move it around in a circle. Go ahead and also cut a piece of quilt batting using this template; set aside.

Next, cut out your next necessary circle with your pie filling fabric.


Cut out your “pie filling” piece.

Pin your sides of your pie filling piece under, making a ½ inch fold and then pin this piece to one of your crust pieces.


Fold your filling sides down and stitch on to a “crust.”

Stitch along the edges of your filling until you have a 2 inch gap remaining. Next, pour in your plastic pellets into the pouch you created and sew shut.


Your finished crust with filling should look cute like this!

Now it’s time to create the lattice strips. You’ll want to cut strips of at least 2 inches wide and 14 inches long.


You’ve got some wiggle room with the width of the strips!

The wider the strips, the easier it will be to turn them right side out! Stitch them on three sides then flip them right side out to hide your steam. Next, pin the un-seamed side of the strip to the top of the crust with pie filling piece.


Pin your strips in place! We will stitch them here and then stitch again!

Space the lattice strips about an inch or so apart; it doesn’t have to be exact!


I’d recommend about an inch apart for your strips.

Move alongside the top pie crust piece about 3 inches and start pinning strips of 14 inch long ribbon every inch or so. Stitch a line to attach these to your top pie piece at about ½ inch in.


Stitch your lattice strips and ribbons on, then we’ll fold and seam both crusts together.

It’s now time to stitch your full fidget pie together! Pin your pie crust pieces inside out, being careful to keep your lattice strips on the side (and not pin them!).


Make sure you don’t stitch your strips along with your seam!

Stitch these two pieces together, leaving a 4 inch opening. Place a piece of batting within your pie and lay flat, then stitch shut. Your pie is now complete!


Oh my, it’s a perfect pie!

I hope you enjoy this piece of cake (or pie) pattern! Have you seen a weighted object that you’re itching to see me try? Tell me on Facebook! If you need to purchase plastic pellets for this or any of my other projects, just click the link below.


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