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What information can you find in my plastic pellet blogs?

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  It’s time for a little Q&A for DIY!  I get lots of great questions in my email from crafters every week, so I thought it would be helpful to let you know what kind of information you can find in my blogs based on the questions I’m getting! Here it goes…..

Craft Care in my Plastic Pellet Blogs

Often times, the questions I receive have to do with proper care.  Washing my Quality

plastic pellet blogs

What questions can you get answered in my blogs?

Plastic Pellets is a-ok!  You can find full care instructions in my How to Care for Your Weighted and Stuffed Items blog.

If your weighted creation needs a bit of TLC, check out my Fixing Damaged Weighted Items blog!  It will give you some tips and tricks on fixing tears and rips or what to do if you accidently scorch your filling.

Plastic Pellet Information

Do you know what plastic pellets you should order for your next project?  In addition to care, I list helpful information such as what crafts are paired best with my plastic pellets. I detail why white smooth plastic pellets are best for weighted blankets and general crafting, give corn hole bag DIY and other ideas for my black smooth plastic pellets, and note what crafts are perfect for my non-smooth plastic pellets.  You can also find the weights of various amounts of my plastic pellets, too.

Plastic Pellet Crafts and More, It’s All There for You to Explore!

Many of my blogs contain crafting tips, ideas, and more so feel free to explore.  Also find DIY guides to some of my post popular crafts like weighted blankets, weighed vests and more! Do you have a nifty new idea that you used Quality Plastic Pellets for?  I’d love to hear it!  Just send over an email or post your creation to my Facebook page!



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