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Uses for White Non-Smooth Plastic Pellets

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends and happy National Crafting Month!  To help you choose the perfect plastic pellet for your next project, I wanted to talk this week about uses for my white non-smooth plastic pellets.

White Non-Smooth Plastic Pellets


All the things you can do with the rough plastic pellets will suprise you!

These plastic pellets are the smallest of the bunch!  Weighing in at 4.5 oz per 1 cup, these little pellets are the perfect stuffing for smaller crafts that don’t require as much heft.

Non-Smooth Plastic Pellet Crafts

I enjoy filling my most smush-able projects with them such as scented eye pillows or weighted eye pillows.  A tablet pillow is also the perfect non-smooth plastic pellet project, or you can add some variety into your plastic egg shakers!

Want some variety in your workout?  Create different sets of weighted exercise bags with my different pellets for just the right amount of oomph.  You can find the perfect amount of plastic pellets for the weight you want with my guide to plastic pellet weight.

Decorating with Non-Smooth Plastic Pellets

Sometimes I get my most creative ideas from readers like you!  About a year ago I got a special request for non-smooth pellets because they have a slight twinkle so a happy couple could fill their wedding centerpieces with them.  What a spectacular idea!  It was a winter wedding and the non-smooth pellets had just enough shimmer and shine to look like an icy filling.  There’s tons of decorating purposes for these little pellets; since they’re opaque they hide any supports you need.

Non-Smooth Plastic Pellet I-Spy

Want to add some variety into your I-Spy fun?  My non-smooth plastic pellets are perfect for it!  A winter-themed I-Spy box is perfect with a blend of non-smooth and smooth pellets!  What could be better than using the non-smooth pellets to fill an I-Spy holiday ornament as well?

I hope this helps you find the perfect project for your white non-smooth plastic pellets!  If you need to order more, just click the link below.  Happy crafting!


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