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Uses for Black Smooth Plastic Pellets

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  I’m back with another blog about selecting the perfect plastic pellet for your next project!  In case you missed it, last week I covered uses for my white smooth plastic pellets—the pellet I recommend most for general crafting.  This week I’d like to touch on the uses for black smooth plastic pellets.

My black smooth plastic pellets are the heftiest of the bunch!  These pellets outweigh the


My black smooth plastic pellets are perfect for your heftier projects!

white smooth pellets by 1.6 ounces per cup!

The increased weight makes them perfect for corn hole bags!  Plastic pellets are the ideal filling for this project since the other optimal filling is corn which can break down over time leading to a change in the weight and feel of your bags.  It can also be troublesome if your bags get wet!  Speaking of that, filling your corn hole bags with my black smooth plastic pellets means your filling is 100% washable!  Just select a washable fabric when creating them such as cotton duck.

Another perfect black smooth plastic pellet project is a draft dodger!  My black smooth pellets help give a draft dodger a bit more weight, keeping a nice seal at the bottom of a door or window and leaving the chill outside where it belongs!

My camera bean bag support is also super for black smooth pellets!  They add the weight you need to keep your camera steady and secure!

Of course, my black smooth pellets are also perfect for any weighted item needing a bit more oomph (with less space) like exercise bags or weighted vests!

What’s another benefit?  My black smooth pellets are opaque so they’re perfect for decorating projects.

I hope this helps you pick the perfect plastic pellets for your next project.  Stay tuned next week when I tackle the best uses for rough pellets!  Can’t wait to craft with my black smooth plastic pellets?  Just click the link below!


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