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Uses for White Smooth Plastic Pellets

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  Often questions that fill up my Pellet Mail box have to do with which of my plastic pellets is perfect for your chosen project.  That’s why this week I wanted to discuss the top uses for white smooth plastic pellets.

white smooth plastic pellets

My white smooth plastic pellets are perfect for most crafts!

Weighted Blankets

Of course the top use for my white smooth plastic pellets is weighted blankets!  This is my top recommended plastic pellet for this purpose because the smooth edges help your pellets glide down into the sewn pouches during blanket creation and they are the perfect density and weight for most projects.

Weighted Softies

My next top plastic pellet project for white smooth pellets is softies or stuffed animals like a weighted teddy bear or fabric doll.  Again the smooth edges make pouring your pellets into arms, legs, and bodies so much easier and the weight is perfect for a small friend!

I-Spy Bins

My white plastic pellets are perfect for creating your very own sensory or I-Spy bin.  The smooth texture will make the plastic pellets fun to pour through funnels, shovel, or scoop.  Since they’re lighter than my black plastic pellets you can easily fill a larger bin, as well!


My white plastic pellets are also great for organizing activities such as brush and pencil holders.  My white smooth pellets are perfect for “planting” faux flowers in or other stand-able items like table numbers for a centerpiece.

Why should you buy white smooth plastic pellets for your next craft?  They’re the most versatile plastic pellets I offer and are perfect for your general crafting activities!  Can’t wait to start?  Just click on the link below.  If you have an idea for a plastic pellet craft that I haven’t covered post it on my Facebook page.  I love seeing what you’re up to! 

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