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Size of Weighted Blankets

Posted on by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  Boy oh boy everybody’s been so busy this year and it’s only February!  My inbox has been spilling over with questions about plastic pellet crafts and weighted creations, so I wanted to focus on quite the popular question that’s been popping up a lot lately.  Let’s discuss the proper size of weighted blankets.

Finding Proper Weight is Great

First and foremost, let’s chat about weighted blanket weight!  Finding your blanket weight is one of the most important factors for providing comfort for your recipient.  My recommendation is one pound for every ten pounds of the recipient’s weight, plus one additional pound.  For example, an 80 pound child would need a 9 pound blanket!

Diameter of Blankets


Weight is more important to weighted blankets than dimension!

Once you’ve set your weight, then it’s time to decide on blanket size!  Here are some standard blanket dimensions:

Don’t feel like you’re stuck sticking to a standard with your weighted creation.  Many people like to deviate due to their recipient’s preferences.

Splitting Up Plastic Pellets

Many of my crafter friends email me asking how to best split plastic pellets up among the blanket pockets.  If you aren’t a fan of eyeballing and approximating, a little bit of math will do the trick!  First we’ll determine the proper amount of pockets in our blanket.  Easy peasy!  To convert this to a volume measurement like cups, just use my plastic pellets weight blog.

I hope this helps you craft your weighted blankets successfully.  As always, please share your finished creations on my Facebook page.  I love seeing how crafty you can be!   If you need to purchase plastic pellets for your next blanket, just click the link below.

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