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Bubble Wrap Calendar DIY

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  The last Monday in January is always National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!  What’s so amazing about bubble wrap, you say?  Not only does it protect your packages but it’s super fun to pop when you’re done!


Create your own bubble wrap calendar this week!

How can you celebrate this super national day?  By creating a bubble wrap calendar!  A bubble wrap calendar is super fun because you can pop the days as they go by!  To create your very own you’ll need:

First, create your template.  Flip your page to the “landscape” format, and then put your month name at the top.  The easiest way to create your calendar is by inserting a table from your menu above.  Just follow these steps:

If may take a little bit of finagling to get it lined up just right but you’ll want to try to get a bubble on each of your date squares but the effort will be worth it!  Enjoy your pop-able 2017!  Did you do this DIY?  Be sure to post your creation on my Facebook page!

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