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Handwriting Crafts

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends and happy National Handwriting Day!  I just love scribing a handwritten note to my friends or writing down my thoughts.  In celebration of this neat-o national day, I’ve compiled a list of happy and helpful handwriting crafts.


What could be a more perfect project than an autograph-able softie in celebration of National Handwriting Day?

Autograph Softies

What could be a more perfect project than an autograph-able softie?  I’ve got a few tips on how to create a graduation cap ready for signing.  This makes a great gift for any occasion that warrants gathering signatures; how about a signed ring bearer’s pillow?

Stitched Up Text

You can also put a personal spin on a weighted blanket through thoughtful notes or signatures.  Use a fabric marker to write up your note or name on your blanket fabric and then use a backstitch to stitch over your writing.  Make sure you use a contrasting color for your thread so your text will pop!  Unsure your sewing skills can handle stitching up the text properly?  That’s ok!  Just use an embroidery hoop and hand stitch it!

Handwritten Hand Towels and More!

With ink jet printers and specialty paper becoming common place in households comes great crafting opportunities.   What could be more special than hot pads, dish towels, or placemats with your favorite recipes on them?  Craft them up this week by following these tips:

Want another fun option?  Apply your handwriting to a wooden plaque or cutting board!  Follow the steps above to scan and reverse your image on a computer.  Then follow the steps below:

I hope you enjoy these neat-o crafts for National Handwriting Day!  If you’ve got one to share, be sure to post it on my Facebook page!  And if you need plastic pellets for any of the crafts above just click on the link below!

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