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Create Your Own Stickers

Posted by Paula Pellet

What can really get you stuck on fun and is age-appropriate for everyone?  Stickers!  And with National Sticker Day on January 13th it’s the best time to learn how to create your own stickers.

Lick and Stick Stickers

Lick and stick stickers are super simple to DIY!  Using normal paper (no cardboard or photo paper), draw or print out your desired image.  You can use crayons or colored pencils but watch out for washable markers – the ink will run!


Creating stickers are perfect indoor fun!

Once your image is done cut it out in the shape you want and you’re ready to stickify these sticker images!  To do this step you’ll need:

Sprinkle the sugar and gelatin into the hot water while stirring frequently until everything is dissolved.  Set aside and let cool for about 15 minutes.  Next, turn your stickers over and “paint” the backs with the glue.  Be sure to cover it thoroughly but lightly.  Allow to dry.  Keep these in a sealed bag until you’re ready to lick ‘em and stick ‘em!

Printable Stickers

This is the super simplest way to create your own stickers.  Office supply stores carry printable sticker paper.  You just need an ink jet printer; that’s it!

Washi Tape Stickers

Washi tape is the perfect DIY tool because it comes in so many amazing patterns and colors!  To create stickers, you’ll need:

Lay down strips of washi tape in the pattern you wish on the wax paper.  Next, trim off the excess wax paper with scissors; you’ll need to be able to fit your washi tape pattern easily into the punch.  Punch and then you’re done!  It’s a simple way to make amazing stickers.

Removing Stickers

Stickers are so much fun, sometimes it’s hard to remember not to stick them on surfaces you shouldn’t!  A simple solution of 2 tbsp baking soda and 1 tbsp warm water should do the trick to remove all stuck on glue from most surfaces.

I hope you enjoyed this fun activity.  Stay tuned for more crafts and fun next week!


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