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Top 5 Weighted Craft Blogs of 2016

Posted by Paula Pellet

2016 is almost over!  I hope your year was filled with crafting, creativity and companions!  Speaking of “C” things, to celebrate the end of 2016 I thought I’d compile a list of this year’s most crowd-pleasing blogs.

What’s the top blog for 2016?  It’s my favorite!  Most of you went to my DIY Guide to a Weighted Blanket blog for instructions on how to create your very own weighted comfort.  This blog has all the instructions you need to craft up your creation, plus the rules for weighting.  In case you didn’t know, your blanket should weigh 1 pound for every 10 pounds of body weight of the recipient, plus one pound.

top 5 blogs

What are my 2016 top 5 blogs?

It sure does seem like a lot of you are huffing and puffing, and adding some oomph to your work outs!  The next most frequented blog is How to Make A Weighted Vest.  A weighted vest is the perfect way to give just a little more in the gym.  My instructions make it easy peasy to create your very own.

Why, all of you are so busy busy creating up weighted blankets that you’re looking for the best uses of them!  That’s why my Top 8 Uses for Weighted Blankets is the 3rd most popular blog this year.  Weighted blankets are perfect for a variety of conditions; take a peek at this blog and see!

I think many of you want to take your weighted comfort on the road.  That’s why my 4th most popular blog this year is How to Make a Weighted Lap Pad!  These small weighted pads are just perfect for travel or the classroom!

Last but not least at all, my 5th most popular blog is 5 Reasons to Make a Weighted Dog Vest!  These vests help calm anxious dogs and help active dogs burn off some of that extra energy.  They can be pretty pricey, so creating your own is the cost-effective way to go!

Which of these popular blogs did you visit this year?  What blogs would you like to see me write next year?  I’d love to hear from you on my Facebook page.  Have a happy happy New Year and continue crafting up fun in 2017!

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