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What to Include in your Winter I-Spy Box

Posted by Paula Pellet

Winter is finally here and I am so excited!  Snow days mean indoor play and boy do I have an activity for you.  Let’s create a winter themed I-spy box together.

Picking the Appropriate Container

Pick a box that is the appropriate size for you.  I like 16 quart containers with snap-able, sealable lids.  This way you can store your I-Spy stuff and avoid spilling.  I also like totes with deep sides, so you can scoop and pour your pellets without overflowing.

Which Pellets Are Best?

Once you have selected your container, let’s talk about which plastic pellets are best!  I

winter ispy box

Snow days mean indoor play; an I-Spy box is perfect for it!

recommend a mixture of my white smooth pellets and my rough pellets.  The smooth pellets pour ever so neatly but the rough pellets have just a little touch of sparkle to them—they kind of look like snow!

The size of your container will determine the needed amount of plastic pellets.  For the 16 quart tote, I recommend about 10 pounds of pellets.  That will also give your sensory box a little bit of staying power in case you I-Spy with a little bit of enthusiasm.

Choosing Your I-Spy Ingredients

Let’s ponder this one.  Hmmm…what goes best with wintery thoughts?  Let’s fill our sensory box with small plastic snowflakes, plastic mugs for scooping, pine cones to sit in our “snow,” tiny plastic snowmen, small sleds, and more!  Can you throw some artificial holly leaves in the box for extra cheer?  What about some smooth plastic icicles? Best of all, don’t forget animals that are out and about in the winter like snowy owls, white foxes, and reindeer!

One of my favorite things to include is large white pompoms for “snowballs.”  They’re super fun to feel around for!

I hope you love this indoor activity!  If the weather is dreary and you’re stuck indoors, be sure to check out some of my other crafting blogs like I-Spy ornaments, sensory book, and juggling guide.  They’re great for crafting up fun!  If you need to purchase plastic pellets for this or any other craft, just click the link below.


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