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Camera Bean Bag Support DIY

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  I’m back this week with another exciting use for my Quality Plastic Pellets!  Do you have a photographer in the family that you’re just itching to craft for?  If so my Camera Bean Bag Support DIY is for you!

Why do you need a bean bag support?  Bean bag supports are perfect for propping your camera when trying to get photos on rough and uneven surfaces.  They’re especially handy for taking nature photographs since your bean bag support will help steady your camera on logs, rocks and more for you to get that perfect shot!


A bean bag is great for taking pictures out of your car!

Create Your Own

To create your own, you’ll want to first consider the size of the camera and lens you want to support.  If you aren’t sure, a 6 x 10 pad should protect most cameras.  Start with a sturdy fabric that can take some wear and tear like waterproof canvas or outdoor upholstery.  You may want to use two types of fabric: the bottom fabric is waterproof and tough, ready to be placed on the ground, whereas the top is sturdy but softer to cradle your camera perfectly.  Cut two 6 ½ by 10 ½ pieces and stitch up 3 sides leaving a ½ inch hem.  Next, pour in your pellets!  You’ll want a firm bag so you’ll need about 3 cups of plastic pellets for your bag.  Stitch up the open end using the ladder stitch and you’re done!

Bean Bag Photography Tips 

Your beanbag is the perfect item to hold your camera steady if you’re taking photos from the car.  Be sure to bring it along this month for driving through holiday light displays.  Just roll down the window, lay your bean bag across the open window, prop up your camera and go!  You can use the slower exposure settings on your camera for beautiful holiday pictures.

Take your bean bag along to get great family pictures in the snow!  Just build up a little snow mound, lay your bean bag flat, and set the timer—no professional photographer needed for a perfect family photo.

I hope this helps you create another fun and useful project with plastic pellets!  Do you have a DIY you’d like to see me blog about?  Just post your idea on my Facebook page!  And if you need plastic pellets for this or any other project, just click the link below.

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