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Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting some spectacular messages which tell me your sewing machines are humming away to holiday music busy churning out holiday gifts.  The most frequent question popping up is which Quality Plastic Pellets you should choose for your weighted item.  I’ve got the full scoop below on selecting the right plastic pellets for your project below.

Uses for Rough Pellets

Rough plastic pellets are the smallest and most light-weight of my pellet varieties.  These

plastic pellets

White smooth plastic pellets are perfect for most projects.

are the absolute perfect plastic pellet for making iSpy items like holiday ornaments, bottles, or bags.  Their tiny structure and semi-opaque appearance are perfect for playing peek-a-boo with treasures!

The structure also helps them keep an added scent longer, which is why I recommend them for creating a scented eye pillow.  It also gives them a bit of glint which is perfect for decorating with!

Uses for White Smooth Pellets

If you’re seeking the perfect plastic pellet for a variety of crafts then look no further than my white smooth pellets!  They have more oomph in them than my rough variety, so they’re the absolute best for any weighted project you’re seeking to create!  Plus, the smooth texture helps them flow nicely through fabric creations like weighted blankets, weighted teddy bears, and more!

Uses for Black Smooth Pellets

These are my heftiest plastic pellets!  They’re the perfect weight for creating corn hole bags or a draft dodger.

I hope this helps you decide what pellets are perfect for you.  The most important thing to consider when purchasing your plastic pellets is to know what weight you want your finished item to be; check out my helpful guide on Quality Plastic Pellet weights to see how much you should order for your project.    Once you’ve made your decision just click on the link below to place your order.  Happy crafting! 


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