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Best Weighted Gifts for Gift Giving

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hello there friends!  It’s just about time for turkey day, which means holiday gift-giving season is right around the corner.  If you want to craft up something special from the heart this year, I certainly have some suggestions for you!  I compiled a list of the best weighted gifts for gift giving and made sure each is easy peasy enough for you to complete in a day.

Weighted Gifts for Baby

Oh boy!  If this is baby’s first Christmas then these gifts are sure to delight!  Try creating a

weighted gifts

Give gifts from the heart this holiday season!

set of fabric stacking rings for fun play!  A fabric doll is also super nice for little tikes!  There are so many variations you can try when creating these fun toys—I’m partial to button eyes and red hair!

Weighted Gifts for Crafters

A weighted sewing machine foot pedal pad keeps your pedal from slipping away on cushy carpet, and is a fast and easy DIY for gift-giving.  Every crafter needs additional organization space!  That’s why a fabric organizer is the perfect gift.  Don’t want to whip out the sewing machine?  Try your hand at a decorative box!  You can up-cycle your way to a cute and functional gift!

Weighted Gifts for All

If your recipient is a technology guru or just uses a tablet computer for school a tablet pillow is the perfect gift!  Or if you live in a chilly climate, a draft dodger is a perfect gift for keeping your loved ones warm this winter!  A much-appreciated gift for those travelling this holiday season, travel pillows are perfect for a one-day craft.

Of course, I am a firm believer that everybody can benefit from a weighted blanket, so why not craft up one for someone you love this season?  They’re perfect for snuggling under in cold weather or whenever you need a calming hug.

I hope this helps you get a grasp of what gifts you’re going to give this season!  Keep posting your creations on my Facebook page—I love seeing how talented you are!  If you need to purchase pellets for this or any other weighted craft, just click the link below.  Have a great, and productive, long weekend!

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