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Fall Crafting

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  Who’s ready for some fall crafting for your upcoming long weekend?  I know I am so I gathered up some of my favorite DIY’s, each simple enough you can get them done in just a day or two.

 Crafting With Kids

What could be a better way to spend your long weekend than crafting with your kids or

fall crafting

What could be better during the long weekend than getting a jump on your holiday crafting?

grandchildren?  If they have a long car ride home coming up a sensory book, I-Spy bottle, or I-Spy bag is the perfect craft to whip up to entertain them!

Everybody can get more in the holiday spirit by creating their very own I-Spy holiday ornament.  They’re a fun and easy activity and are just perfect for family get-togethers.

Sewing Crafts

If you’re searching for some quick gifts to whip up over the weekend, why not create a draft dodger to keep the chill out or a neck pillow for those travelling over the holidays?  Speaking of travelling, a nice lap pad or shoulder wrap are perfect to help keep passengers calm.

A weighted eye pillow is also a perfect gift to craft up over the long weekend.  Follow my steps to make a scented weighted pillow; it will make a relaxing retreat from holiday stress.

Of course, no holiday crafting plan is complete without creating some type of weighted softie!  Whip up some of these fabric pumpkins for your holiday centerpieces or a super cute weighted teddy bear.  If you’re wanting to get super creative, why not creative some bean bag friends using your child’s creativity?  They’re always super special!

I hope this gives you some super ideas for the long weekend ahead!  If you need my plastic pellets for this or any other holiday craft you can think up, just click the link below.  Happy crafting and holidays!


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