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DIY Tablet Pillow

Posted by qppmanager

Hiya friends!  How’s everybody’s school year going?  One thing that I’ve noticed is more and more schools are turning to teaching with tablets which is kinda neat if you ask me!  That’s why I’ve got the perfect tablet accessory for you to craft up this week – a tablet pillow!

A tablet pillow sits as a soft prop for your technology, so you can surf snuggly on the sofa or browse in bed.  To create yours, you’ll need:

First, let’s create our pattern.  Using a ruler, mark off an 11.5 inch line.  At one end of the line, draw a 6 inch perpendicular line. This is two sides of your triangle.  Now, connect your triangle.  This last line should be 13 inches.  Cut out your pattern, and use it to cut two side pieces of your pillow.

Next, cut your middle fabric.  You’ll need about 32 inches in length and 12 inches across.

Now, turn all your fabric inside out and start attaching one end piece by sewing together the 6 inch side, then the 13 inch side, and then the 11.5 inch side to the end of the middle fabric, leaving ½ inch for hems.  Sew up one full side, and then move on to the other.  You should be left with your triangle pillow with the bottom flap open.

Next, fill your pillow with your Quality Plastic Pellets and use a ladder stitch to stitch shut.  The plastic pellet filling with help mold your pillow around your tablet and fit it snuggly!

I hope you enjoy this creative craft!  Do you have any ideas you want me to explore?  Just post them on my Facebook page!  If you need Quality Plastic Pellets for this or any other craft, just click the link below.

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