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DIY Guide to Fabric Dolls

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  Did you know my Quality Plastic Pellets are the perfect filling for fabric dolls?  They pour super easily into tiny fabric hands and feet and create the perfect weighted friend!

Doll Patterns Online

So where can you find the very best pattern to start off your new creation?  I’ve got a few resources to check!

Sewing newbies will find a lot of super easy, free patterns plus resources to help you along in my learning to sew guide.

Proper Pellet Amounts for Your Patterns

Once you’ve picked your perfect pattern, it’s time to ponder what amount of plastic pellets

fabric dolls

Fabric dolls are perfect for your first sewing project!

you need to procure!  A standard 10-12 inch doll should take about 2 cups of plastic pellets, however, every doll is special so I’ve included some sample amounts below.

Of course, my plastic pellets provide weight which helps with therapeutic purposes.  If you’re seeking to provide a specific weight for your new friend just check out my guide to plastic pellet weights.

If you are concerned about making your new friend too hefty or just want to add on some soft spots I recommend balancing your plastic pellet fill with a plushy fiber fill, cotton batting, or fabric shreds.

I hope this helps you crafting!  Remember to post pictures of your new friends on my Facebook page, and if you need Quality Plastic Pellets for this or any other craft, just click the link below.



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