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Create Your Own Fidget Blanket

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  I’ve been receiving some great pictures of the weighted blankets you’ve been crafting up lately—keep them coming!  I love seeing what everyone is up to.  This week I wanted to add a special twist to your weighted blanket crafting; I want to talk about how to create your own fidget blanket.

What’s a Fidget Blanket?

What is exactly a fidget blanket?  As I mentioned above, it’s a weighted blanket with a bit

fidget blanket-min

Fidget blankets are perfect for seniors or other people with limited-mobility!

of a twist; it’s a blanket with all sorts of zippers, ties, textures, and other zany things that give sensory stimulation to someone that may be chair-bound.

To create one, start by crafting up a weighted blanket for your base.  Then try one of my fun ideas below to add some sensory sensations to your creation!



Get More Fun, Creative Craft Ideas

Need more ideas?  Check out my Pinterest board.  It’s bursting at the seams with inspiration.  If you aren’t quite sure about creating a full blanket, modify your design and make a fidget weighted lap pad instead.   If you need to order plastic pellets for your craft, just click on the link below.  Happy crafting!

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Meta Description: Craft a fidget blanket to provide sensory stimulation and busy activities for a senior citizen, someone living with Alzheimer’s or dementia or a chair-bound person.

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