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Create Your Own Fabric Dollhouse

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  Boy, do I ever have a fun craft for you this week!  Dollhouses are super fun—I should know!  But they’re a little cumbersome to be lugging alone on all of your adventures.  That’s why I’ve got my do-it-yourself guide to fabric dollhouses!

fabric dollhouse

Fabric dollhouses are perfect for on-the-go fun!

Fabric dollhouses are perfect for on-the-go play because you can fold ‘em up and take them away!  They’re also really nice for small friends because the soft sides hold up to rough hands and won’t hurt if you stumble into it.

How can you get started?  First, find a free pattern for a standard fabric dollhouse.   You can find one easy peasy online!  For the linked pattern you’ll want about a cup of Quality Plastic Pellets.  Next, select your fabric.  Any standard cotton fabric will do, but if your recipient is small you could even try making it out of a super soft flannel.

Your plastic pellets will go in the base section of the fabric dollhouse.  This is to give it some weight, and will make it a bit sturdier than without.  To create your weighted version of the pattern, you’ll just have to make a couple of tweaks.  On steps 6 and 7 you’ll want to stitch the bottom of your piece and each side of your batting-covered panels, leaving the long side open.  Start at the bottom and stitch the first section closed.  When you get to the middle which is the bottom of the house, pour your pellets in and stitch shut.  Then proceed in stitching the rest of the side closed.

And then you’ve done it!  You’ve created your perfect little fabric dollhouse.  If you want to try some fun variations get creative!  You can get scraps of corduroy for tree trunks, a bit of fun fur for the top of a tree, or even some fun fringe for grass!

If you need to purchase pellets for this craft, just click on the link below.  And, as always, share your creations on my Facebook page!



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