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Olympic Games for Kids

Posted by Paula Pellet

The Olympics may be over but they don’t have to be in your household!  Wrangle up your Team U.S.A. and get crafting because I’ve got the best Olympic Games for Kids!

Fun for All Ages

Bringing the fun from Olympic sports to your home team is perfect for any age.  One of the simplest options you can try is your own gymnastics play.  In a nice flat area of your yard


Keep the Olympic spirit alive with your own home team!

use some non-toxic paint to mark off a large square for your “floor.”  Then paint a rectangle for a balance beam to try jumps and turns on!  You can even toss out a few of my weighted hopscotch pads!

Another perfect Olympic play is teaching your budding gymnast ribbon dance.  Just DYI up a ribbon stick, pop in some tunes, and watch the fun!

Whip up some of my weighted sports balls to have a tossing competition between team members or create a large goal and see who can make the most in.

Track and Field Fun

Whip up one of my fabric Frisbees and head out to the yard for some Olympic-style discus!  Just measure out distances of 5, 10, and 15 yards and see who has the most oomph in their launch!

Use your non-toxic paint to mark off start and stop points on your grassy lawn and race it out!  If you want you can even draw lines on the “race track” to represent hurdles to jump over!

Olympic Pool-time Play

My floating ring toss the perfect pool-time play for water polo fans!  Just whip up a set and compete!

Most pools aren’t safe for diving competitions so put a fun twist on the opposite and have jumping up matches!  See who can jump jump jump from the bottom of the pool up the highest or with the biggest splash and even synchronize your jumps for a better score!

With any competition, remember that it’s not about who wins but how much fun you have playing the game!  Make sure everyone gets a big gold star for joining in your Olympics!  And if you need Quality Plastic Pellets for any of my mentioned crafts just click on the link below.





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