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DIY Fabric Frisbee

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  I’ve heard a few of you are ready for one last summer craft, so I put my thinking cap on and drew up my guide to creating your own fabric Frisbee.


Fabric Frisbees are a fast and fun DIY!

Fabric Frisbee Guide

Fabric Frisbees are perfect for outdoor fun and they’re easy peasy to make.  To create yours, you’ll need:

Let’s get started!  Take your paper plate and mark out two circles on your fabric, and cut them out.  Pin these together inside out, and stitch them together leaving a 2 inch opening.  Flip them back with the good side out.  Next, mark a smaller circle 2 inches from the edges in the middle.  Stitch this circle shut.  What you have right now is kind of like a flat donut without a hole.

The next step is filling your Frisbee with plastic pellets.  Since you stitched the circle in the middle shut, your pellets should move freely throughout the Frisbees outer ring.  Once your plastic pellets are in place use your needle and threat to close the 2 inch gap.  You’re done!  Wasn’t that a quick craft?

Fabric Frisbee Games

There are several fun games you can play with your fabric Frisbee:

I hope you enjoy this fun plastic pellet craft!  If you have other fun ideas for Frisbee games I’d love to hear about them on my Facebook page!  As always, if you need to purchase my Quality Plastic Pellets for this or any other craft, just click the link below.  

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