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Create Your Own Sensory Book

Posted on by Paula Pellet

Hey there friends!  Today’s a rainy day so I thought I’d whip up a fun craft for indoor afternoons.  Has anyone heard of a sensory book?  They’re these fun creations that have different textured pages you can flip through.  Today we’re going to go over how you can create your own sensory book.


Sensory books aren’t just fun to create–they’re the perfect quiet time activity!

You’ll need these items to get started:

The key is decorate each page with fun feeling items like wooden sticks, straws, fabric, feathers, buttons, and more; anything flat will work.  Felt is a neat-o fabric to work with because it “sticks” to itself.  Use it to create backgrounds and items, animals or people to go over them.  You can also create “pockets” on the page with paper or fabric to tuck figures into.

Consider a theme for your book.  Here are some great ideas:

I hope you enjoy this activity and create a sensory book that entertains for countless car rides and rainy afternoons!  Do you have a finished sensory book or page you’d like to share?  Do you have a terrific theme idea to share?  Be sure to post it on my Facebook page!  I can’t wait to see your creations!  If you need to order Quality Plastic Pellets for this or any other craft, just click on the link below.

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