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DIY Hopscotch Bags

Posted on by Paula Pellet

Welcome to a new week friends!  How’s everybody’s summer crafting going?  I hope so well!  This week I’ve been busy busy in the Quality Plastic Pellet laboratory whipping up a new summer craft to try.  Here’s my DIY Hopscotch Pads.


Hop scotch pads are fun landing pads for your jumping games!

What is this crazy craft? Let’s start by laying out the rules for hopscotch.  You draw 10 boxes with 1, 2, 3 stacked individually, 4 and 5 side by side, 6 on top of those, 7 and 8 side by side, and then 9 and 10 follow.  You toss a bean bag into one of the boxes, and then hop down the 10 boxes with only one foot touching inside a box at a time and skipping the box that your bag is in.  Once down in box ten, you’ll head back and snag your marker along the way.

So what are hopscotch pads used for?  Instead of drawing the boxes on the sidewalk in chalk, we’re going to make re-usable individual pads.  These can be especially fun for changing up the shape of your hopscotch design.  Why not make it a circle?

To get started you’ll need:

Cut out circles of your fabric with a 12 inch diameter and sew the non-skid rubber matting to one “good” side.  Note:  If the non-skid matting you purchased is tough to sew, you can always use a high quality fabric glue to attach it.  On the other side draw a single number with your fabric marker, you’ll want to number them 1 to 10.  Now, turn the circle inside out and stitch together, leaving a 5 inch opening.    Pull the fabric through the opening to bring the “good” sides out.  Pour 2 cups of your Quality Plastic Pellets into the opening and stitch shut.

Another fun variation is use different colors of fabric to create your pads and omit the numbers.  You’ll need a little less than ½ yard of each color.

I recommend testing the slippage of your pads on different surfaces before play.  Some non-skid mats are pretty hardy and will stand even a slippery tile or wood floor, others should be carpet or concrete only.

I hope you enjoy this fun plastic pellet craft!  If you need to purchase Quality Plastic Pellets for this or any other fun craft, just click the link below.

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