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Working Out With Weighted Exercise Bags

Posted on by Paula Pellet

Hi there friends!  I hope everyone’s had a spectacular week.  I heard back from a few of you who said that you enjoyed the weighted exercise bags DIY I posted last week and that’s super!  If you’re one of those that got your craftiness going by doing my DIY then boy do I have a new blog for you!  Here’s my rundown of exercises to do while working out with weighted exercise bags.

Legs Exercises with Weighted Ankle Bags

Get ready to lift those legs!  To tone your legs with your weighted exercise bags, just strap on your ankle bags and try these:


Weighted exercise bags are just tops for toning arms.

Arm Exercises with Weighted Wrist Bags

Weighted exercise bags are just tops for toning arms.  Here are several ideas to get you started.  You can start any of these while standing with feet flat on the ground or while sitting in a chair.

Cardio with Weighted Exercise Bags

Cardio exercises get your heart pumping!  For these I’d recommend wrapping up your weighted ankle weights and walking a few laps at a brisk pace.  Make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

If you created water-safe weighted exercise bags then a fun idea is put on both your ankle and wrist bags and pop into the shallow end of the pool.  You’ll want the water to be no higher than your chest.  You’ll want to get your cardiovascular system going by doing some high knees.  Hold your arms out to mid torso and lift your knee up to pat your hand, then alternate knees.  Make sure you keep your back nice and straight!

I hope this helps you get moving this week!  Do you have any other ideas or did you craft up your own weighted exercise bags?  I’d love to see pictures of your finished objects!  Just post them on my Facebook page.

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