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Weighted Exercise Bags DIY

Posted on by Paula Pellet

Hi friends!  I hope everyone enjoyed my little DIY last week for pool toys.  With so many of you writing to me and telling me how much you enjoyed them, I thought I’d throw another helpful craft into the mix this month.  I’ve written up a guide to creating your own weighted exercise bags.


Weighted exercise bags are great for adding oomph to your work out. 

What are weighted exercise bags?  They act very similar to a weighted vest when worn for exercise; they give your work outs a little bit of added oomph by adding some weight and resistance.  Your weighted exercise bags, however, just focus on certain areas like your wrists or ankles.  They’re really great for anyone who is just starting out in a fitness routine or if you want to take your current exercises up a notch just slightly.

Ready to get started crafting?  Perfect!  Here’s what you’ll need:

Fold your fabric in half lengthwise (with the longer side) with the off side out.  Fold again.  Unfold and mark the fabric at the creases, splitting it into ¼ sections.  Flip the fabric over and stitch one side of the Velcro on the “good” side of the fabric at a ¼ marked spot.  Now, go to the opposite side of the fabric and stitch the other side of the Velcro on the opposite ¼ marked spot.  Your Velcro should be on the “good” side of the fabric, at opposite ends length and widthwise.    Next, fold your fabric again lengthwise and stitch up one end and the long side.  Pull your fabric inside out revealing the “good” side.  Next, fill with your chosen amount of plastic pellets.  Hand sew the remaining open end closed.  Your weighted exercise bag should wrap around your wrist or ankle and be secured with the Velcro.

You’re all set!  Stay tuned next week for some terrific exercises you can do while wearing your weighted exercise bags.  If you need to purchase Quality Plastic Pellets for this or any other fun craft, just click the link below.

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