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Plastic Pellet Pool Play Crafts

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Hiya friends!  Summer’s now in full swing and that means so is pool season!  Beyond swimming around and floating, I always like to find toys to play with that are durable enough for the water.  That’s why I stepped into the Quality Plastic Pellet studio this week and crafted up some perfect Plastic Pellet pool play crafts!

Plastic Pellet Pool Play Crafts

I stepped into the Quality Plastic Pellet studio this week and crafted up some perfect Plastic Pellet pool play crafts!

Pool Bean Bags

Pool bean bags are great for diving games.  Just follow the instructions for corn hole bags, but make sure you use marine fabric.  Marine fabric is specially formulated to stand up to water, chemicals, and sun, plus it’s mildew resistant.

Always remove your toys from the pool when you are finished playing.

Floating Ring Toss

My floating ring toss is a win for pool time fun!  To assemble this craft, you’ll need:

Take your marine fabric and use the coffee can to mark off two circles on the back side.  Pin both sides together with the back side facing out and use your sewing machine to stitch them together, leaving a 2 inch gap.  Flip your stitched circle inside out and pour your plastic pellets inside.  Stitch shut using the needle and thread.  Set aside.

Next, cut about a 12 inch piece of noodle.  Stand this piece upright, and on one end wrap pool noodle around this piece to form a circular base.  Use the string to secure the shape while you glue and make sure you fully glue the ends shut after it is fully wrapped around the upright piece.  Once the glue has settled you can remove the string.  Now, wrap another layer of pool noodle around this inner circle and glue in place.  You’ll have two layers of noodle circles surrounding the upright piece.  Trim the end so the circle joins firmly with itself and again use the string to hold in place while the glue sets.

Once all pieces are glued, flip your noodles over and glue your fabric disk to the underside.  This will weigh your target down.  Next, take your remaining 3 pool noodles and cut each in half, gluing those ends together to make rings.   Once fully glued your ring toss game is ready to roll!

I hope this helps liven up your pool play!  If you need to purchase plastic pellets for these or any other craft just click the link below. 


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