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DIY guide to Weighted Sports Balls

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  I’m back with week with another fun craft using Quality Plastic Pellets!  This time I’m sharing my DIY guide to weighted sports balls!

DIY Guide to Weighted Sports Ball

Fabric sports balls are perfect for indoor fun!

Everyone loves teaching little ones how to get started playing their favorite sports, so when the time comes weighted fabric balls are the perfect way to start!  The weight helps you toss or pitch them more easily, but the fabric exterior won’t harm your little player.


Creating a weighted football is easy peasy!  Just get a free pattern online, and get sewing!  For creating your weighted football, I recommend using a sturdy fabric such as upholstery fabric, thick cotton duck, or even up cycled jeans!   When you get ready to stuff, start with your strips of fabric or polyfill until it’s about a half full.  Next, pour in about a cup of plastic pellets to give your ball some heft and finish off with your stuffing before sewing closed.


Talk about a soft ball!  A weighted stuffed baseball is the perfect teaching tool for your youngster to learn America’s favorite pastime!  Since you’re going to be playing with a stuffed ball, I recommend keeping batting practice to a minimum and using a child’s plastic bat.

Again, use sturdier fabrics for this craft to ensure the longevity of your finished product.  Start with a basic online pattern, and pour in about a ¼ cup of plastic pellets into your ball once it’s about half full of your chosen soft filling.  Fill the rest of the ball with filling and sew shut.  If you’d like a ball with a bit more heft, play around with plastic pellet amounts or switch to my heavier black plastic pellets.


Weighted cloth basketballs are perfect for indoor fun!  After finding your perfect online pattern, follow the guide above for stuffing with a mix of Quality Plastic Pellets and soft stuffing.

I hope this helps get you started on creating weighted sports balls of your own!  Do you have a neato game you play with plastic pellet weighted sports balls?  Be sure to tell me on my Facebook page!


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