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Weights of Plastic Pellets

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hello friends!  I always love reading my Pellet Mail, and I’ve noticed quite a few people asking me about the weights of plastic pellets.  I put on my thinking cap this week and measured them out just for you!

Rough Pellets

Rough pellets are awesome for making plastic pellet crafts like iSpy bottles.  They have a

White Pellets

White smooth plastic pellets are the perfect filler for any weighted craft!

unique look and texture, plus they are the lightest of the plastic pellets I offer.  Here’s the rundown of rough weights (please note that all weights are approximate):

White Smooth Pellets

My white smooth plastic pellets are the perfect filler for any weighted craft!  Use them to fill your weighted blankets, or to create soothing eye pillows—the possibilities are endless!  The approximate weights for white smooth plastic pellets are:

Black Smooth Pellets

My black pellets have a bit more heft in them than their white counterparts.  They’re perfect for creating helfty items like draft dodgers.  They are also the perfect density for corn hole bags!  Here are their approximate weights:

You can purchase any of these Quality Plastic Pellets styles by clicking on the link below.

I hope this helps you along with your plastic pellet creations!  As always, if you have a finished object you’d love to show off be sure to post it on my Facebook page.  Happy crafting with Quality Plastic Pellets!

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