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All About Juggling

Posted on by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  I’m excited this week because I just learned how to juggle!  Juggling is fun and it really helps hone my hand-eye coordination!  I also think it’s the perfect activity for kids, because with your juggling bags you can do it just about anywhere—except for in the car, you probably don’t want to do it there.  Stay tuned and keep reading for all about juggling including my DIY on juggling balls!


Juggling is a great activity to improve coordination!

Creating Your Own Juggling Balls

Step one in getting started juggling is creating your juggling bags.  You’ll need:  1 1/2 cups of Quality Plastic Pellets, an empty plastic water bottle (16.9 fl oz), 9 standard-sized balloons (about 12 inches), and scissors.  Now, just follow these quick steps:

Getting Started Juggling

The great thing about creating juggling balls from my instructions above is they won’t roll away when you drop them—which will happen a lot initially!  The first thing you’ll want to do when learning how to juggle is just tossing the ball up and catching it with one hand—in juggler’s terms this is called a “selfie.”  Try tossing it up shoulder, then nose height.  Try to move your arms as little as possible and keep them low; waist height is best.

Once you’ve perfected that move, let’s bring in both hands!  Again, tossing at shoulder then nose height, move the ball from one hand to the other.  Focus on keeping your arms down and moving them as little as possible.

Are you already feeling like a pro and ready to bring in another ball?  Perfect!  Place a ball in each hand.  Start by tossing your first ball up and once it gets to your shoulders go ahead and toss the next ball.  You’ll want to make a “scooping” motion with your hand when you toss the balls to make your tosses smoother.  This will take a bit of effort to get used to so just have fun practicing!

Add in your third ball by having two balls in your dominant hand when you start, and tossing it in after your second is near your shoulders.

I hope you enjoy your new hobby!  Be sure to post the pictures of the juggling balls you make on my Facebook page.  I’d love to see them.  And if you need to order Quality Plastic Pellets to create this or any of my other projects, just click the link below!


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