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Decorating with Plastic Pellets

Posted by Paula Pellet

Hiya friends!  You know I’m always fascinated with the ways my readers use Quality Plastic Pellets and I’m just delighted when you share your pictures and stories with me.  Recently, I had a friend show me how plastic pellets can be used for creating a table arrangement—it was quite the masterpiece!  I loved it so much that I wanted to share with you some of these great ideas for decorating with plastic pellets!

Flower Arrangements with Plastic Pellets

a floral centerpiece with plastic pellets

My plastic pellets are just perfect for creating floral arrangements!  Since my plastic pellets have a bit more heft to them than the non-weighted variety, your flowers will remain in the positions you place them in.  Both the clear plastic pellets and the black work well for this activity, and I’d recommend about a pound of pellets on hand to create your creation (more, of course, for a larger vase).

Candle Arrangements with Plastic Pellets

Candles look oh-so-nice when arranged in beautiful stemware and vases with a base of my Quality Plastic Pellets!  You’ll love how they set snugly in a nest of pellets!  This craft is so easy, just choose your stemware, fill with pellets, pop your candles in and you’re set.  For safety’s sake, I recommend using flameless candles in place of regular for candles in plastic pelletsany arrangements you plan on lighting.

Plastic Pellet Lamp

Have you seen those super cool lamps created from old bottles or vases?  Using a lamp kit you can buy at any hobby store, you can create a fun table lamp with just about any glass base nowadays.  The only downside is seeing the inner workings through the clear middle.  That’s where my pellets come into play!  Just fill your chosen base with my plastic pellets after running the lamp kit through it.  My clear plastic pellets will hide your electrical components while not distracting from your chosen base.  Clearly this craft is a winner!a diy lamp with plastic pellets

Table Arrangements with Plastic Pellets

This is such a neat-o idea for a wedding!  We’re going to craft up some table arrangements to show off photos or display the table numbers.  Just fill stemware, vases, or any other pretty base you choose with Quality Plastic Pellets.  Next, create some decorative sticks for your photos; you can scroll pretty wire, paint dowel rods, or even grab some sticks from the yard and paint them!    Then, fix your photos to the sticks.  If using stems, try using a hole puncher and punching two holes on either side of the top of the photo then stringing ribbon through it and hanging it from the stems.  For dowel rods, just glue the picture to the front of the rod and find a solid dark paper of the same size to glue on the back to hide the rod.

wedding decoration with plastic pelletsI hope this gives you some ins”pellet”ation for future crafts!  For any of these crafts you’ll need two pounds of Quality Plastic Pellets or less per container.  Need to order?  Just click the link below!  Or if you have any neat-o ideas on decorating with my plastic pellets, be sure to tell me on my Facebook page!


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